Meet Tayab Hasan: DCMN UK General Manager

We recently hired Tayab Hasan as our general manager for the UK market. Tayab joins us from SevenVentures, where he led their UK operations for the past two years.

Berlin Talent Summit 2017

This year we took part in the Berlin Talent Summit, Europe’s biggest recruiting event that brings together 300 of the most talented students and graduates from all over Europe, to get in touch with the leading tech companies in Berlin.

We scored the TV media campaign for auto insurer AMV

Based in France? Then you might have seen our latest media campaign for online auto insurer AMV pop up on your TV during the ad breaks. Today, we take a closer look at campaign – just the latest in a string of wins from DCMN’s French hub.

DCMN joins Europe’s elite on the FT1000

Here’s some news that everyone at DCMN already knew, but now the rest of the business world does, too – DCMN is officially one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe.

OFFF17: 6 talks that got our creative juices flowing

If you work in the creative industry, you’ve probably heard of OFFF. And if you haven’t, you should keep on reading because this creative festival is a must-visit!

Welcome to the DCMN family, realzeit

Today we’re excited to announce some big news for DCMN. We have acquired realzeit, a programmatic advertising platform, for a seven-figure sum.

Become a Beta Tester and get a FREE mobile campaign!

We’re now moving into the closed beta phase for our new mobile attribution technology. Our platform measures the performance of your mobile marketing campaigns in real-time, helping you invest your marketing budgets on only the highest-performing sources.  And we want you to take it for a test drive!

Meet Michael Dunlap, our new Creative Director

Our creative department has been growing and growing, more than doubling in size during 2016. We also shifted strategies to better serve our growing client base of digital brands – not just startups, but digital companies of all sizes – and created positions for Executive Director and Head of Production (the fabulous Katrin Kolossa and Vanessa Zimmermann, respectively).

What exactly does DCMN do, anyway?

Are you thinking about applying for a job with DCMN? Or are you a fast-growing digital company that’s considering working with us? Or maybe you’ve just come across our stellar Facebook page and now you’re wondering – who are these crazy people?!

2016: DCMN’s year in review

International expansion, a massive wave of new hires, bigger and bolder campaigns – 2016 was an incredible year for us at DCMN. We’ve come a long way in just 12 short months and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved this year!