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Author: Zilke Grogan

Introducing DC Analytics: Making TV attribution free to everyone

This week, we announced the release of our TV attribution technology, DC Analytics, now available for free online. Until now, DC Analytics has been an internal tool used by the DCMN team to measure the performance of our client’s TV campaigns. This release makes the tool completely open to the public and also opens up our expertise in making TV campaigns ROI-driven and trackable. What’s behind the decision to make DC Analytics completely free to use? Ultimately, we want this technology to be the Google Analytics of the linear TV world. Through the anonymised data that we gain from...

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Done your taxes yet? Smartsteuer is here to help!

Did you know that 90% of all tax regulations in the world come from Germany? No wonder the German government earns more than €500 million each year just because people don’t declare their taxes. That’s insane! But that’s also why we are super happy to welcome smartsteuer as a new client. The talented guys from smartsteuer help people to do their tax declaration easily, quickly and all online. The goal for our first smartsteuer campaign, which started in Germany this week and will run over the next few months, is to debunk the myth that creating your tax declaration...

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The future of marketing: 8 trends to watch in 2018

Smart data replaces big data, TV gets hyper-targeted, and artificial intelligence comes of age. This is just a taste of what’s in store for the global marketing industry in 2018. We asked our team of marketing experts in Berlin and around the globe to give us their top industry predictions for the coming year. Here are the results. OTT and streaming take centre stage As the percentage of “cord-cutters” rises at an accelerated rate, all eyes will be on Streaming and Over The Top TV in 2018. The competition in both live streaming TV and OTT will increase as...

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Meet adtech’s most innovative companies at SCALE17

SCALE17 will feature some of the most innovative marketing minds on stage – including a hand-picked selection of fast-growing companies in adtech, analytics and more. Don’t miss the latest addition to our program, the Tech Lounge, where you can hear from the companies that are making waves in TV-digital convergence, CRM automation, AI-driven design and many more exciting topics. And get your tickets soon – SCALE17 is now less than one week away! Hyperlocal cross-device advertising – is an industry leader in cross-device tech. Hear from Carsten Frien, Co-Founder & CEO, about how multi-touch attribution and cross-device...

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WeTransfer’s Rob Alderson on creativity in a data-driven age

What’s the place of inspiration and creativity in today’s data-driven marketing world? That’s the question that WeTransfer’s VP of Content, Rob Alderson, will ask in his closing keynote at SCALE17. Below, he gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his creative work at one of Europe’s top digital businesses. Don’t miss this talk at SCALE17 on October 26. First up, can you tell us a bit about what your day-to-day job involves? I run the Content and Programming part of our Marketing team, which oversees anything that goes out into the world on our own channels. So the role is...

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