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Author: Tess Tettelin

Why we took a team of 120 people to Italy

The DCMN team retreat is one of the most exciting parts of our company culture. For the past three years, we’ve brought the whole company together (including the people who work remotely) for a team trip overseas. It’s a totally unique experience for our staff and a big part of what makes working at DCMN so much fun! The first year, we took a team of 30 people to Barcelona. The year after, we took a team double the size to Marrakech. Now we’ve just returned from our most recent trip to Tuscany with a team of 120(!) people....

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Berlin Talent Summit 2017

This year we took part in the Berlin Talent Summit, Europe’s biggest recruiting event that brings together 300 of the most talented students and graduates from all over Europe, to get in touch with the leading tech companies in Berlin. Yesterday, we welcomed 16 talents here in our Berlin office to introduce them to our industry and corporate culture. After an inspirational keynote from our Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer Matthias Riedl, the students formed small groups and worked on a case study, based on a project for one of our current clients. While the students were busy coming...

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OFFF17: 6 talks that got our creative juices flowing

If you work in the creative industry, you’ve probably heard of OFFF. And if you haven’t, you should keep on reading because this creative festival is a must-visit! OFFF, hosted in Barcelona with side events in London, Madrid and Tel Aviv, brings together a diverse range of speakers – from the famous Paula Scher and Joshua Davis, to relatively unknown designers and studios – to talk about their latest projects. From graphic design and illustration to animation and film, all creative industries are represented at the conference. This year, the international speaker list featured some familiar faces like Joshua...

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Welcome to the DCMN family, realzeit

Today we’re excited to announce some big news for DCMN. We have acquired realzeit, a programmatic advertising platform, for a seven-figure sum. In a nutshell, the realzeit team has developed a demand-side-platform (DSP) that allows you to do automated, real-time bidding on mobile ad inventory. They have developed complex algorithms for targeting potential customers and optimising budgets – and can cluster inventory and users even beyond factors like interests and demographics. With the power of programmatic buying, realzeit’s proprietary tech stack helps digital brands with user acquisition, retargeting and reactivation campaigns. An important pillar of their technology is advanced fraud...

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Become a Beta Tester and get a FREE mobile campaign!

We’re now moving into the closed beta phase for our new mobile attribution technology. Our platform measures the performance of your mobile marketing campaigns in real-time, helping you invest your marketing budgets on only the highest-performing sources. And we want you to take it for a test drive! Join now and get a FREE mobile campaign to help you promote your new app. Our requirements for taking part in the beta tester program: You have a B2C app The app has a free or freemium business model Your app is stable and has some organic installs iOS and Android apps...

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