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Author: Zilke Grogan

From alpha to beta: Why (and how) we work without bosses

No bosses, no job titles and no hierarchies of any kind: for some people this probably sounds like the dream workplace, but for those of us working at DCMN it’s an everyday reality. Earlier this year, we introduced a new organisational structure that transformed the way we work, both with clients and with each other. You’ve probably heard of agile working but the DCMN approach goes much further: it completely removes top-down management and instead fosters collaboration and team-based decision making. Our approach is more than a company structure – it’s a shift in mindset and a whole new...

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Feliz Navid-Ad: Our fave Christmas ads from around the globe

You know Christmas is around the corner when the street lights go on, the festive goodies hit the supermarket shelves … and the water cooler talk turns to seasonal adverts. In our UK office especially, the team has been locked in debate for the past few weeks over such controversy as only a Christmas time TV ad can inspire. Sure the latest from John Lewis is beautiful and poignant, but is it effective advertising for the brand? And why was supermarket chain Iceland’s anti-palm oil advert really banned? To get in the festive spirit, we decided to ask our...

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Introducing DCMN Amsterdam: Why we opened an office in the Netherlands

You might have heard the news: we recently added another office to our growing international network. This time, we’ve hopped just over the border from Germany and set up shop in the Netherlands – a country known for its tulips, its many bicycles and a flourishing digital scene! The decision to open an office in Amsterdam was an easy one. Quite simply, we decided to enter the Dutch market after finding the perfect team. Jos Lakeman, Marc Dahmen and Marieke Houtsma have worked together before: they came to us from the Dutch agency Helder where they were responsible for...

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Boost your marketing skills with DCMN Masterclasses

In the startup world, you wear many hats. As a founder or CEO, you might end up serving as head of marketing or CMO by default. In fact, no matter what your position, you could easily find yourself building a marketing strategy for the business without having had your first experience in this field. So, where do you even begin? Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new series of free, interactive workshops called DCMN Masterclasses. Aimed at startups and digital businesses at various stages of growth, the workshops are suitable for anyone looking to improve (or...

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2018 World Cup: TV Still Trumps Online for Football Fans

How and where will you watch the Football World Cup when the tournament kicks off next week? Will you invite everyone you know over to sit around the TV and cheer on your national team? Will you watch it on the big screen at your local pub or bar? Or are you one of the rare people who prefer to watch the tournament alone via a live stream on a laptop? We recently conducted an international survey in five countries (Germany, France, the UK, US and South Africa) to compare media consumption and brand association around the football world’s...

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