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Author: Christian Ulrich

The Green Giant in our Office: Innovation and Workplace Menus with HelloFreshGO

For four months now, there has been a green giant in the kitchen at DCMN’s Berlin office. This giant is fingerprint-triggered and has been generously providing our HQ team with various fresh lunch and snack options. We have asked ourselves: Who is responsible for the revolution of our workplace diet? Who decides what goes inside the giant? And what happens to our fingerprints? Thankfully, Sebastian Hua, Global Head of Innovation at HelloFreshGO, took some time to answer those questions and more. In the interview below, he shares his thoughts on everything from convenient eating at the office to culinary...

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DCMN Team Retreat 2018: 40 nations united under the Croatian sun

DCMN lives and breathes growth – not only for our clients, but also for our business. Over the past years, we’ve grown at a dazzling speed, outpacing all but 44 companies in Europe (*according to FT 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2018). On our constant quest to help people’s businesses grow, we ourselves grew into a worldwide brand and a truly international company: Our team currently consists of 200 members from 40 different nationalities, based in our headquarters in Berlin or one of our eight international offices in Europe (London, Munich, Paris, Wrocław) and overseas (Bangalore & Gurgaon, Cape...

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