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Author: Liz Osterloh

Inside the black box of offline TV media buying

The TV media landscape, especially in countries like Germany and France, is very different from the digital space – and that goes double for the actual media buying process. For a lot of startups and other digital brands who aren’t at the size where it makes sense to plan and buy their own TV campaigns (or simply don’t want to), the buying process is surprisingly manual and unfamiliar at best, and at worst a total black box. The good news is, it’s not rocket science – it’s just a little complicated. We figured it’s time to shed some light...

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Build trust, not processes: How CTO Christian Graf helped tech take shape at DCMN

Christian Graf joined DCMN as CTO when his adtech startup, realzeit, was acquired by the company. After celebrating his one-year anniversary, I sat down with him to talk about what changed for the tech team, and get the story on what’s coming next. Not only did you join DCMN when realzeit was acquired, but you inherited the tech team and became our CTO. What did the team look like when you started a year ago? When I first arrived at the company, I met a team full of very talented engineers working in a structure that wasn’t allowing them...

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5 tips for getting more out of performance TV

A performance TV campaign is so much more than just selecting the right media and running an ad. With the right tools and methodology, you can optimize performance on TV similar to how you optimize other channels by testing and adapting your creative and media approach over time. We’ve put together a few tips to help you along the way to better ROI. 1. Optimize your product funnel first A highly efficient performance TV campaign will drive new users to your product or app, but the amount of those users who convert depends more on your website or app...

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Finding “The Shoop Moment”

Just last Thursday, our new campaign for Shoop kicked off on German TV. Don’t know Shoop? They’re a platform that gives users cash back from online shopping. So how do you take a digital service, one that might seem pretty utilitarian at first glance, and turn it into a story that really pulls people in? Tapping into the emotional side of digital products “It’s a challenge a lot of our clients have as digital brands,” says Vishal Shah, our Senior Art Director here at DCMN. “How do you take a product that’s pure digital – intangible by nature –...

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