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Author: Liz Osterloh

5 tips for getting more out of performance TV

A performance TV campaign is so much more than just selecting the right media and running an ad. With the right tools and methodology, you can optimize performance on TV similar to how you optimize other channels by testing and adapting your creative and media approach over time. We’ve put together a few tips to help you along the way to better ROI. For a more detailed overview of how performance TV optimization works, download our full white paper! 1. Optimize your product funnel first A highly efficient performance TV campaign will drive new users to your product or...

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Finding “The Shoop Moment”

Just last Thursday, our new campaign for Shoop kicked off on German TV. Don’t know Shoop? They’re a platform that gives users cash back from online shopping. So how do you take a digital service, one that might seem pretty utilitarian at first glance, and turn it into a story that really pulls people in? Tapping into the emotional side of digital products “It’s a challenge a lot of our clients have as digital brands,” says Vishal Shah, our Senior Art Director here at DCMN. “How do you take a product that’s pure digital – intangible by nature –...

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