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Author: Maria Malsin

Blockchain, XCHNG, and the Future of Advertising with Charles Manning and Anil Kutty

At the end of last year, we announced that DCMN would be a strategic OnXCHNG partner with Kochava, as an early participant in the blockchain enabled ad ecosystem. To continue the conversation around blockchain and OnXCHNG, we’re excited to bring you an interview with Kochava Founder and CEO, Charles Manning, and DCMN Director of Mobile Products, Anil Kutty. In the interview below, Charles and Anil share their thoughts on everything from why blockchain is useful to how it will transform the ad tech industry. What is blockchain and why is it useful? A: In its most simple form, blockchain...

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DCMN Employee Highlight: Theresa Jašaraj

It’s no secret that DCMN has grown very quickly over the past couple of years. We were 80 employees in 2016, and today, we are more than 200, spread out in offices stretching from our hometown of Berlin to our newest office in Cape Town, South Africa. We are a diverse and international team of people from 40 different cultures. Our company culture is hardworking but fun, innovative but a little offbeat. These people and this uniquely DCMN culture are the driving force behind our growth. To give you a deeper look into the lives of the people who...

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The New DCMN: Building a Brand Concept

Over the past couple of years, DCMN has grown more than double in size and we’ve evolved everything from our overall business model to where we do business. Given all of this change, it’s only natural that we took the time to rethink what DCMN stands for both internally and externally. Today, we’re officially launching our new brand, which is a clear reflection of our identity and purpose. We’ve developed a stronger, bolder brand concept, which embraces the clear, consistent and relevant communication we strive for, while reflecting who we are as a company. The new DCMN brand is...

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SXSW 2018: Tech, Women and Humanity

Every year, SXSW Interactive brings together a multitude of tech executives, thought leaders, influencers and digital marketers in Austin, Texas to network and discuss a variety of topics ranging from design and programming to wellness and the workplace. This year’s festival was packed with exciting brand activations and insights into emerging technology, marketing, startups and culture. Here are just a few moments that showed us why SXSW is still relevant and informative: Real, Emerging Tech Trends May Not Seem Important Initially Many of the technology trends which will have the greatest impact on our lives and businesses can be...

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DCMN Joins OnXCHNG as a Strategic Partner with Kochava

Blockchain may well be 2017’s buzzword of the year. Throughout the year, we’ve seen cryptocurrency prices as well as the number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) peak daily. Blockchain offers a lot of promise to industries, like advertising, which require trust between multiple parties with conflicting interests, and it has the potential to disrupt such domains. Current blockchain-based initiatives in the advertising industry have taken on the challenge of solving the big issues facing digital advertising, including a lack of transparency, too many intermediaries and fraud. At DCMN, we’ve worked hard to ensure that all aspects of our service...

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