New CLARK TVC offers easy escape from insurance maze

DCMN proudly presents its creative for German digital insurance manager CLARK. The 3D animated spot was entirely designed and produced by DCMN’s in-house Creation & Production team. The TVC premiered in Germany on June 16 and comes in 5-, 10- and 20-second versions.

CLARK is the digital insurance broker that makes the complex insurance jungle as clear, transparent and as easy as a pie chart. Clark combines technologies with customised service to make insurance management enjoyable and safe. Customers can enter, manage, analyse and challenge their existing insurances through an app as well as the web-based solution. The algorithm-based robo advisor finds the most suitable rates.

While pulling the viewer deep into the infernally confusing world of insurances, visualised as an Escher-inspired tableau, the ad communicates clearly to those who can profit from the service that CLARK makes insurances easy, fun and cheaper. The TVC manages to strike an empowering and enjoyable tone, while successfully avoiding discrediting the ‘old’ insurance industry.

“Everyone knows the feeling, when thinking about insurance: Many tariffs, a lot of small print, a lot of paperwork! We founded CLARK four years ago to finally bring clarity to the complicated insurance world of our customers. CLARK makes insurances easy, digital and curated to them – this TVC visualises that idea perfectly. It is visually unique and illustrates playfully the all too familiar and frustrating problem our product solves. We are happy with the successful collaboration with DCMN.”

Chris Lodde, CMO & Co-founder of CLARK

“Searching for the right insurance can be a complex and endless maze. It’s not rocket science, but very confusing. You decide to go with one direction but it leads you somewhere you don’t expect. It’s like being inside the famous painting Relativity from M. C. Escher. We are on the staircases, we see the doors but we don’t know how to get to them. With the first-person POV and some interactive elements we created a scenario that makes the labyrinthian experience palpable for the viewers. And then there is Clark, the guiding light that makes your confusion disappear in a couple of simple steps.”

Tung Nguyen, Art Director at DCMN

“On the production side, this TVC showcases nicely what we are able to do in-house with some ingenuity, established pipelines and creative problem-solving. We considered everything to the smallest details: From the piggy bank having a reverse motion with the coins defying gravity and collision rules, to the flying books mimicking flock flying patterns, to the careful composition of textures, colouring and light reflection in different materials. It ended up being a challenging and resource-intensive project but the. The result is all the more rewarding for it. Watch closely, there are many things to discover in this beautifully strange and magical scenario.”

Tiago Castro, Motion Designer at DCMN

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  • Creative Director: Lennart Frank
  • Art Directors: Tung Nguyen & Vishal Shah
  • Copywriter: Philip Thys
  • Producers: Birte Jacob & Thomas Siudmak
  • Account Manager: Sylwia Bardzik
  • Production Company: DCMN
  • Original Layout: Tiago Castro
  • 3D Animation: Tiago Castro
  • VFX: Tiago Castro & Mark Heutink
  • Motion Design: Christoph Obst & Mark Heutink
  • Original Soundtrack: Dasmo & Mania Music
  • Sounddesign / Soundlogo: Dasmo & Mania Music

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