The modern marketer doesn’t work on assumptions. Far from it. In order to make decisions on future campaigns, it’s crucial to have nitty-gritty data insights from the current and past ones. The kind of KPIs that are so strong you can gnash your teeth on them.

How TV marketers track their performance

DC Analytics is a TV attribution technology helping marketers to analyse campaign performance based on the KPIs that are most important to you (we’re talking the likes of website visits, app downloads and searches). It helps you track and optimise your TV campaigns with a focus on ROI, so that you can determine which media buys are really paying off, with analysis available by weekday, daypart, channel, spot airing, flight and creative.

DC Analytics PRO takes TV attribution to the next level

But once you’ve got hold of all that data, what’s next? We know how hard it is to make sense of your TV data – so we want to give you access to a personal offline consultant who helps you interpret your results and optimise your TV advertising more effectively. We think data is most powerful when combined with expert analysis and consultancy that helps you make the most of it – and that’s why we’ve launched DC Analytics PRO

DCMN was born back in 2010 out of a desire to track and optimise TV campaigns, and we were pioneers in the performance TV space. In DC Analytics PRO, which combines access to DC Analytics together with the personal touch of offline consultancy, our expertise is available to whoever signs up – regardless of where they buy their media. 

What do you get with the package?

When someone signs up to DC Analytics PRO, they receive the following:

  • Access to DC Analytics to track & optimise their TV media campaigns 
  • A dedicated assigned offline expert assigned to their account
  • Regular reports with performance insights & optimisation suggestions

We genuinely believe that the tools to growth lie in unpacking this black box performance data – and with DC Analytics PRO that’s easier than ever. 

TV attribution has never been so important

Here’s the other thing: Lockdown regulations in the spring led to an increase in TV viewing time back in March and April, with a similar bump looking likely for the last two months of the year. TV could be an affordable and highly effective new option for your marketing plan – and with DC Analytics PRO, you have the tools to make sure your campaigns really perform at this crucial time. 

TV viewing time has increased in Germany in 2020

We’ve been working on our algorithm since 2010 and our experts are battle trained and able to work out the next steps for your data – however unclear it might seem on first sight. „Whether you need a DRTV forecast or a report to closely monitor your progress: We will personally help you make sense of your data – and the most of your campaign,“ says Paula Manole, one of our offline experts ready to work together with brands on optimising their TV campaigns.

Fancy a spin of the PRO wheel? Check out all the important info here and get in touch to organise a free onboarding call.