It’s no secret that DCMN has grown very quickly over the past couple of years. We were 80 employees in 2016, and today, we are more than 200, spread out in offices stretching from our hometown of Berlin to our newest office in Cape Town, South Africa. We are a diverse and international team of people from 40 different cultures. Our company culture is hardworking but fun, innovative but a little offbeat. These people and this uniquely DCMN culture are the driving force behind our growth.

To give you a deeper look into the lives of the people who make up DCMN, we’re launching a new “Employee Highlight” series. Every couple of weeks we’ll bring you a Q&A with a different person from our team.

We’re kicking off the “Employee Highlight” series with an interview with Theresa Jašaraj from DCMN’s People Team. She joined the company in January 2013 and has helped DCMN grow in a big way. Find out more about what she’s doing these days below.

What is your role at DCMN?

Oh, I wear many hats. Enabler. Mentor. Facilitator. Recruiter. People Partner. Culture Ambassador. I work to develop and provide structures, frameworks and tools to facilitate the success of DCMN. I am constantly looking to understand the effects of any organisational changes and to learn about the psychology and undercurrents of our organisation. My goal is to create a happier and more challenging work environment, where our teams around the world can grow together in a profitable and productive way that respects work-life balance.

I want to help everyone realise that work isn’t a location, a task or a deadline, but it’s a purpose. I personally care a lot about living a purposeful and engaging life and I believe that work is part of that – for all of us. Before working for DCMN, I had never experienced that kind of environment. For that reason, I am passionate about helping our people feel involved and engaged at DCMN. We spend so much time at work, so let’s create more happy work places!

What drew you to DCMN originally? And how has DCMN changed since?

Coincidence and/or fate? I’m not sure about that, but when I had my first interview with Matthias and Andi six years ago at a very tiny office at Rosenthaler Platz, I fell in love with the guys and how refreshingly human they were. I didn’t expect that I would help this company to grow from 5 to 200 people worldwide over the next 6 years, but here we are.

Theresa at DCMN’s first mini booth at dmexco in 2014

Favourite travel spot?

Honestly, I’m not much of a travel person, but I figured out that I was missing out big time when I travelled through Thailand and Cambodia this past February. That was my first real holiday in ages, and now I finally understand what this whole travel thing does to people. 


People would be surprised if they knew… 

How much time I spend alone. The way people perceive me is that most of the time I’m very outgoing, open and communicative, which I am and also enjoy being. At the same time, I need valuable alone time in order to recharge, especially in a city like Berlin. I could spend a week watching TV shows, reading, and doing sports, without seeing anyone. It’s a constant struggle of wanting to go out and have fun with people and simultaneously trying to avoid human contact. Welcome to my life!

Also, people would be surprised to know that I was a punk rocker at the age of 15, with black hair, piercings and music tastes somewhere between NOFX, Pennywise and the misfits.

What’s your motto or personal mantra?

If you cannot be positive, then at least be quiet.

Name three of your bucket list items:

  • Visit my second home country Albania. I know it’s a shame, but I’ve never been there.
  • Learn how to practice meditation – I find it to be SO hard!
  • Own a vegan frozen- yoghurt shop (did you know there isn’t one in Berlin so far? – Let me know if you want to join my business idea.)