A staggering 4,1 billion passengers worldwide booked flights in 2017, with 1,1 billion travelers originating from Europe. Sadly, this also means insane air traffic, resulting in flights regularly being delayed or even cancelled. But there is a silver lining − since the EU 261 regulation was passed in 2004, you have the right to claim compensation up to 600 euros for all long delays, cancellations or missed connections. Phew!

The secret to successful claims is to know your rights. For example, don’t let your horse fall asleep at the airport… Just kidding, although that is an actual absurd law at the Peewee airport in West Virginia! Flightright, Germany’s market leader in the enforcement of air passenger rights with over 5,200,000 happy customers and 99% success rate in court, uses humour to educate passengers on their rights. The campaign, launched by DCMN Germany on April 17, consists of two TV spots with the claim “We know your passenger rights”.

Both spots are a take on the absurd laws of some of the world’s airports − “you must not let your horse fall asleep” and “you may not eat ice cream with a fork” (this one is enforced at in Bicknell, Indiana)− and contrast them with the actual relevant questions that passengers have in the case of delayed or cancelled flights.

“Flightright knows your rights − both when it comes to forks and drowsy horses and, more importantly, when your flight is delayed or cancelled altogether,” explains DCMN Germany’s Creative Director, Lennart Frank. “With our ads we not only want to humorously inform, but also seriously encourage disappointed passengers not to give in to unfair airlines. We decided to put Flightright’s brand at the center with the minimalistic look and a touch of striking shades of green, referring to the brand’s corporate design. We are pleased that we have been able to continue our successful collaboration with Flightright with this charming campaign.”

Flightright 20“ TVC (Germany) – Fork
Flightright 20“ TVC (Germany) – Horse

Hillevi Lausten, CMO at Flightright, adds: “As the leading passenger rights portal in Germany, we have set ourselves the goal of informing consumers affected by flight delays or cancellations about their rights and enforcing those rights for them. For this, we have expanded our successful cooperation with DCMN − with great results. These eye-catching spots allow us to spread knowledge about air passenger rights in an entertaining way.”

DCMN managed the creation and production of the spots as well as the media planning, booking and optimisation with our in-house attribution technology, DC Analytics. Both spots will go live also in France and Spain on May 15.

Team, after the successful shoot