Introducing DC Analytics: Making TV attribution free to everyone

This week, we announced the release of our TV attribution technology, DC Analytics, now available for free online. Until now, DC Analytics has been an internal tool used by the DCMN team to measure the performance of our client’s TV campaigns. This release makes the tool completely open to the public and also opens up our expertise in making TV campaigns ROI-driven and trackable.

What’s behind the decision to make DC Analytics completely free to use? Ultimately, we want this technology to be the Google Analytics of the linear TV world. Through the anonymised data that we gain from running campaigns on the platform, we can constantly improve the product.

What’s more – we are working on other new tools that will link up to the DC Analytics platform. We’re currently developing tools to make media planning and buying for linear TV even easier for marketers. In the future buying TV media should be as easy as running an AdWords campaign. Stay tuned for more announcements about that.

The DC Analytics dashboard

How does DC Analytics work?

DC Analytics combines the latest in attribution technology with our team’s hands-on expertise in growth marketing and media buying. It helps you track and optimise your TV campaigns with a focus on ROI; in other words, it helps you determine which media buys are really paying off.

The platform works by correlating spot data from TV networks to traffic on a web or mobile presence in order to measure the impact of media placements – right down to the individual spot level.

Analysis is broken down into the most important TV media vectors: weekday, daypart, channel, spot airing, flight and creative.

I’ve signed up – what happens next?

After signing up for DC Analytics, our support team will be in touch to get you fully set up with the platform. The next step is to integrate our tracking code on your website or mobile app. Then, you can upload the TV schedules for your campaign, which will be cross-referenced with traffic to your platform to measure the uplift from your spots.

From here, you can use the tool to generate actionable insights about your campaign. DC Analytics offers multiple layers of analysis to optimise your campaigns around the KPIs that are most important to you. Analysis is available by weekday, daypart, channel, spot airing, flight and creative.

There are also a bunch of handy additional features, including a TV Calendar and the capability to export raw data. The platform supports more than 30 TV markets including most of Europe, the USA, Australia, India and South Africa. It also supports regional TV campaigns in selected countries.

Additional features include the TV Calendar and the capability to export raw data.

Built on a battle-tested algorithm

The tool is based on a rigorously-tested algorithm that has been many years in the making. Our teams have been using this tool internally since 2010, and we’ve used this time to test it, improve it, and test it again.

The algorithm filters and measures traffic and conversions based on individual spot airings. But the tool is not just based on a fancy algorithm alone – it combines the latest in TV attribution technology and data science with DCMN’s many years of practical experience in TV media buying and planning.

We have helped more than 170 digital businesses to scale with TV media – which means we know firsthand which insights you need to make TV really work for you.

Head over to to sign up for your free account or get in touch via for more info.

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