What if planning your first TV campaign only took 5 minutes, and you could book it with just one click? And, on top of that – what if that media plan was created just for your brand, based on insights from thousands of real performance TV campaigns?

This is now a reality with DC Audience. Launching today in Germany, our newest technology is built to make TV planning more accessible to fast-growing digital brands. It’s the first platform on the German market to integrate planning and booking in one tool, across the 50 most significant TV channels.

“After years of working in programmatic and digital advertising, I was pretty shocked at the status quo of TV media – in particular how out of date the planning and buying process is. DCMN already turned TV into a measurable, optimisable channel with DC Analytics – it was the next logical step to use what we learned from all of the campaigns run on this platform to generate excellent media plans that young, fast-growing brands can get started with right away.”

Director of Product, Dr. Markus Düttmann

Using all of the data and experience we’ve gained while working with digital-first businesses across all verticals over 10 years, DC Audience generates a media plan tailored to your target group and budget. In just a few seconds, you’ll see a full-fledged, pre-optimised TV media plan with CPV forecast that you can customize and book right away. From just €10,000 media investment, you can get started with a first test TV campaign.

DC Audience is part of an ongoing story at DCMN where tech meets TV media. Our existing tracking and attribution tool, DC Analytics, made TV measurable for digital brands all over the world. We’re excited to now extend our capabilities to planning and booking (in Germany, to start) to help companies tap into the revenue-driving power of TV.

And have we mentioned it’s free to create a plan? You don’t pay anything until you book. Take it for a test run at dcaudience.com – you’ve got nothing to lose, and new customers to win! Or just write us an email.

DC Audience presentation at OMR