We recently hired Tayab Hasan as our general manager for the UK market. Tayab joins us from SevenVentures, where he led their UK operations for the past two years.

Prior to that, he was at Rocket Internet, overseeing international expansion for the Berlin-based startup incubator and its ventures. He’s a seasoned expert in growth and investment within the digital scene, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board to take our UK business to the next level!

We sat down with Tayab to chat about why he joined DCMN’s expanding UK team and what his plans are for his new role.

Welcome Tayab! What made you want to join the DCMN family?

The international focus of DCMN’s work was very exciting for me. If a company comes to us, we can say that we will give them the ability to expand to any country in Europe, without a narrow focus on a particular country or region. That’s really the pain of a lot companies right now: they want to go to Europe and they need a growth partner to help them get there. Many of them also don’t know that media is much cheaper in Europe than it is in the UK. So you can really say, ‘okay I’ll help you expand’.

What have been some highlights from the past few years for you?

I have always been on the building side of the startup scene and SevenVentures was my flip to the investment side. Exploring the investment sphere and going straight into Series B level, that was the exciting part. I got to meet with people from many companies from around the world, from Singapore, Malaysia, the US. Many people wanted to know what the media for equity concept was because it was very new and they wanted to understand why and how people were using it. So being involved in that was very exciting.

What have you learnt about the media landscape along the way?

We’re living in an age where we’re told that people don’t watch TV as much and therefore it wouldn’t make sense for startups to go on TV. But that’s simply not true. The fact is that their early adopter base has been exhausted with online marketing. We need to use offline channels to bring these people online. Plus, the ROI on online TV isn’t as great as mainstream TV. Learning this lesson myself and passing it on to others has been very interesting for me.

Tell us about what you’ll be doing at DCMN.

It’s about finding the right companies that are ready for expansion – not just companies that are ready for media in the UK, but ready for European expansion using a lot of growth media. Europe is the next stomping ground for UK companies. And companies in the US or elsewhere also want to come to the UK. They can right now, but they need the right people to help them do it.

Which DCMN products do you expect to see the most demand for in the UK?

It depends on what stage the company is at and what kind of budget they have ready to invest. If the company has raised a Series B round, and they’re already testing out channels and broadcasting on mainstream TV, it’s not a challenge to sell TV media to them in Europe at all. It’s cheaper (than in the UK) and they know it already works. If you look slightly before that, at early series A startups, they won’t necessarily have the budget for the UK but they can get TV media in Germany or France easily. It’s about selling European TV to companies who won’t be able to afford UK TV, telling them it’s much more profitable, the ROI is greater and investment is less. It’s a great opportunity to counter this perception that TV is too expensive, which it often is in the UK.

We have to ask this question: will Brexit have any impact on your role?

I think the only impact is going to be dealing with new regulations if there are any that arise due to legislation. Other than that, Europe is next to the UK and it makes sense to expand into what’s next to you. It’s definitely not going to be destructive, the new legislation. And for DCMN, it all stays the same – we’re giving growth solutions, we’ll continue giving growth solutions, and we’re doing it across borders. When the time is right for expansion, you have to expand. And it’s natural that you go to what is next to you.

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