The New DCMN: Building a Brand Concept

Over the past couple of years, DCMN has grown more than double in size and we’ve evolved everything from our overall business model to where we do business. Given all of this change, it’s only natural that we took the time to rethink what DCMN stands for both internally and externally.

Today, we’re officially launching our new brand, which is a clear reflection of our identity and purpose. We’ve developed a stronger, bolder brand concept, which embraces the clear, consistent and relevant communication we strive for, while reflecting who we are as a company. The new DCMN brand is bold, playful, empathetic and fresh. It contains a new spectrum of colours, representing the diversity of our company, our various expertise and the agile, flexible and modular way we work.

We’re really proud of our new brand and we’re excited to share this evolved version of DCMN with our team, clients and partners. Over the next few weeks, you’ll not only have a chance to experience this new branding, but you’ll also see more consistency in how we present ourselves visually and verbally.

We started the process months ago, when we began reflecting on the heritage of the DCMN brand and thought about why the company was originally founded. Led by the DCMN brand solutions team, we brought together our founders, Andreas Dengler and Matthias Riedl, as well as our corporate communications and creative teams for workshops where we considered everything from how we perceive ourselves to how we speak about the company. We also conducted brand perception surveys with all of our employees globally, to understand how they viewed the company and what it stood for. It was so important to include as many people as possible in the process, to ensure we were on the right track, while at the same time creating brand ambassadors out of our whole team.

For any company, a brand concept is highly valuable because it provides a point of orientation for the whole company, allowing everyone to walk in the same, desired direction. Embracing this pushed everyone at DCMN to decide which parts of our industry and business we wanted to embrace and own, and allowed us to focus on a way forward. It also drove us as a team to dive deep into our target audience to understand their current and future needs, which in turn led us to think about our own real, relevant and unique strengths. We learned a lot along the way and have some insights to share about the process of developing a new brand concept for anyone out there, who might be interested in taking on a similar endeavour in the future.

The first and most important thing to remember is that a rebrand is more than just changing the look and visual aspects of your company. It’s an opportunity to think about the company voice, dynamics and industry fit, as well as to create a common understanding and consistent image, both internally and externally. It’s also a good time to take a moment to look at new and important market developments, as well as potential new competitors in order to further understand what differentiates you and your team.

The goal of developing a new brand and logo is to reflect the company even better than before. For DCMN, this meant mirroring our development from a small company to a worldwide brand. Often when launching a company, you may not have a strategic identity, but rebranding is a great opportunity to develop a holistic design based on your target audience and new brand concept. Our rebrand is a milestone as it’s data-driven, and a more fitting definition of our brand, interpreted through an evolution of our previous logo. The DNA of DCMN has always been data mastery and our new logo reflects this with a pattern that shows how we’ve come together to form something new.

A rebrand requires a lot of time and can only work if the brand concept is developed and lived by the entire team, therefore it’s also important to ensure you are able to include your entire team throughout the process. If you cannot find the time yourselves, finding a partner with this approach can make all the difference. All businesses change over time, and it can be difficult to know when the right time might be for a new brand approach, but if you find yourself struggling to tell even your mother what your business is about, and why you are the best choice for your audience, then it’s surely time for a rebrand of your own.

In the end, identifying and embracing a new brand concept doesn’t end with an internal presentation and a new logo and design; it’s a living, breathing process during which you continue having workshops and conversations where you give everyone on your team a chance to own and reflect the new concept for themselves.

If you’re interested in learning more about our process, or if you feel it’s time for you to embark on your own rebrand and would like some advice, please contact us and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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