The Fascinating World of Travel: Insights from German Consumers


Travelling, the exhilarating escape from the ordinary, has always been a cherished pursuit for people across the globe. It allows us to explore new horizons, embrace different cultures, and create lasting memories. In this blog article, we delve into the exciting realm of travel. Based on research conducted by DCMN in June 2023, a nationwide study among 2000 German consumers, we explore the preferences and trends that shape the travel choices of this dynamic group.

Seeking Adventure: German Consumers and Their Travel Plans

According to the research conducted by DCMN, an astounding 80% of German consumers have either planned or are in the process of planning a trip in 2023. This showcases the deep-rooted desire for adventure and exploration within this group. However, when it comes to choosing destinations, the preference among German travellers is quite versatile. While 29% plan to embark on a journey within Germany, 23% have their sights set on international destinations. An interesting finding is that 28% of consumers intend to indulge in both domestic and international travel experiences.

Timing is Key: Planning in Advance or Embracing Spontaneity

When it comes to planning their trips, German consumers display varied approaches. The majority, approximately 57%, prefer to plan their adventures one to six months in advance, allowing them ample time to anticipate and prepare for their journeys. A further 20% of consumers enjoy plan their trips six to twelve months in advance. However, there is a spirited group of spontaneous adventurers who thrive on last-minute planning, with 15% of German travellers making arrangements less than a month before their departure.

Travel Brands: The Hunt for Special Deals

For German consumers, the offerings and promotions provided by travel brands and providers hold significant sway in their decision-making process. An impressive 64% actively search for these deals, demonstrating their eagerness to secure the best value for their travel experiences. Furthermore, 56% of German travellers are willing to alter their initial plans to take advantage of special offers and discounts. However, despite their keen interest, 40% of respondents indicate that they do not always find these offers attractive enough. This fact further highlights the need for travel brands to continually strive to meet consumer expectations. Interestingly, this ratio is slightly higher among men compared to women.

Despite their keen interest, 40% of respondents indicate that they do not always find the special offers attractive enough.

The Role of Travel Agencies: An Integral Partner in the Journey

Travel agencies play a pivotal role in the travel plans of German consumers, with a significant portion relying on their services. The research reveals that 26% of respondents often rely on travel agencies, appreciating their expertise and assistance in curating memorable experiences. An equal percentage of consumers, 26%, opt for the services of travel agencies on an occasional basis, showcasing their preference for a mix of independent and assisted travel planning.

Choosing Accommodation: Hygiene and Affordable Prices Reign Supreme

When selecting accommodation, German consumers prioritise two essential factors: hygiene and affordable prices. With cleanliness taking precedence, travellers seek accommodation options that provide a safe and hygienic environment, ensuring peace of mind during their stay. Affordable prices are also a significant consideration, allowing travellers to make the most of their budget while still enjoying a comfortable experience. Additionally, quietness and privacy emerge as secondary factors, further emphasising the desire for a tranquil and personal retreat. Interestingly, the prioritisation of cleanliness and price is more pronounced among women.

Travel Brands in Germany

In the world of travel and exploration, there are numerous brands that cater to the needs and desires of modern adventurers. These brands strive to enhance the travel experience by providing innovative solutions and memorable opportunities. Here are some of our favourite brands:

  • Omio is a travel platform that simplifies the process of planning and booking various modes of transportation. These include trains, buses, and flights, across Europe and other regions. It provides users with a convenient way to compare prices, schedules, and routes, helping them to find the best travel options for their needs.
  • GetYourGuide is an online platform that offers a wide range of travel experiences and activities worldwide. It allows travellers to discover and book various tours, attractions, and excursions in popular destinations. From sightseeing tours and museum visits to adventure activities and unique local experiences.
  • Freeway Camper specialises in camper van rentals for adventurous travellers. Individuals and families can rent well-equipped and comfortable camper vans to embark on memorable road trips and camping adventures. Embracing the spirit of adventure and creating their own unique travel experiences is the key.


DCMN’s research reveals that German consumers are avid travellers who relish the opportunity to explore both domestic and international destinations. Their meticulous planning, desire for special deals, reliance on travel agencies, and emphasis on cleanliness and affordability shape their choices. By understanding the preferences and insights of this dynamic group, travel brands and providers can tailor their offerings to create more enticing and satisfying experiences. The allure of travel remains stronger than ever, and German consumers stand ready to embark on new adventures, creating cherished memories along the way.

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