DCMN India Rolls Out CARS24’s New and Optimised TVC

When India’s premier second-hand automotive marketplace CARS24 recently decided to make the jump to TV advertising, our DCMN India team helped them launched their first ever campaign. And when they decided to launch their second TVC this festive season, here too we stepped in to lend a step-by-step optimized and performance-driven approach across major channels.

We were super excited to get the chance to develop the media strategy for this new optimised campaign and to re-apply our performance marketing approach to make sure that our client CARS24 was spending their budget where it counts. Following the successful first flight of the campaign that ran for about six weeks, we delivered an in-depth optimisation and performance evaluation report, to analyse the TVC and work towards an optimised next flight.

For the first flight, DCMN had tracked key KPIs for the client such as cost per visit, cost per call and cost per booked appointment. In flight two, the media buying was optimised in line with these KPIs with a focus on channels, day-parts, weekdays and spot length.  Consequently, while planning for the new spot, CARS24 approached DCMN at the initial storyboard level to help with optimising their media strategy.

The newest TVC started airing last month with a strong presence across genres, including Infotainment, Hindi News, Hindi Movies, English movies and English business news.

Take a look at the spot here!

When we asked our India Country Head Bindu Balakrishnan, here’s what she had to say: “With this campaign, DCMN has given CARS24’s new TV spot a performance focus.”

She further added, “Using our in-house TV attribution technology, we can optimise the campaign from the moment it goes to air, allowing us to focus on the best-performing genres, channels, days, and day-parts.”

And taking into account the festive season, this time CARS24 decided to almost double their media spend for the second flight.

Talking about the launch of CARS24’s newest TVC and their association with us at DCMN, Vikram Chopra, CEO and Co-Founder of CARS24, says: “Following a successful first flight with our previous TVC, we’ve optimised the campaign for an even better performance.”

“Our continued partnership with DCMN allows us to take advantage of their performance-driven approach, which ensures we can measure the direct response of the spot as it goes to air,” he added.

For the newest TVC, our in-house DCMN media experts recommended including more infotainment channels, with programming similar to the History channel. The optimised media strategy for this campaign included more business news channels, as well more Hindi news channels while further expanding the Hindi movies channel mix and focusing on the earlier day-parts.