Time for an upGrad: DCMN Enters the Edtech Space

time for an upgrad - dcmn enters the edtech space

New sector, new client, new TV campaign: We’re excited to announce our partnership in India with edtech major upGrad, our first in the fast-growing space. 

The implementation of lockdown measures saw many industries across the world suffer, but many also thrived. Edtech was one of those that benefited – particularly in India, where online learning is currently one of the hottest verticals around. It’s proven to be a hot space for funding rounds and consolidation – particularly notable when other startup sectors are struggling. According to Bloomberg Quint, venture capital firms have invested almost $1 billion in Indian edtech firms up to July this year. That’s over double what the sector raised in all of 2019 ($404 million). Venture Intelligence has even stated that it’s the highest funded sector so far this year, the only vertical apart from healthcare to grow in number of deals in an otherwise embattled 2020.

One of the most notable players in the market is upGrad, the largest online higher education company in India – a big deal in a country with 1.3 billion people! Founded in 2015 by Mayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli and the famous entrepreneur Ronnie Screwvala, upGrad provides rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculties and industry. Having onboarded over 100 universities and colleges and having launched their diverse new online program upGrad Live this year upGrad is also experiencing the positive effect of a stay-at-home population, doubling their revenue in Q1 2020 compared to Q4 2019.

Today we’re delighted to announce DCMN India will be working together with upGrad to manage and deliver performance-led TV campaigns. The first of these campaigns, targeting working professionals looking to upskill for better career opportunities, is scheduled to arrive on digital platforms and on TV this month. That’s not all: We’ll also be working with them on media strategising as well as planning and delivering result-oriented and performance-driven marketing campaigns.

The account will be serviced from DCMN’s Gurgaon office and will be led by Bindu Balakrishnan, country head of DCMN India. And yes: The partnership with upGrad is DCMN India’s first venture into the fast-growing edtech category, something we are all very excited for. “DCMN’s mission of striving to grow the market leaders of tomorrow perfectly resonates with upGrad’s vision of empowering the 100-million workforce through education,“ says Bindu. “What they are doing is nothing less than transforming learning as well as enabling access to higher education in India and beyond. It’s an exciting vertical at an exciting time and we’re proud to support upGrad on its journey.“

Of course, it’s not a one way street. One reason why upGrad decided we’re the right partner for their needs is our expertise in the ol’ telly black box as well as our skills in growth marketing. Plus there’s our proprietary TV attribution tool DC Analytics, which allows us to track the direct response to every single TV spot in terms of visits and installs. 

“We are extremely happy to partner with DCMN India, who will indeed be our growth partner to understand our needs and drive performance-oriented TV planning,” said Arjun Mohan, their CEO. “The agency, with their tactical expertise, will guide us to create and establish a compelling brand proposition in this highly competitive market,”

We’re looking forward to working together. Up, up and away!

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