Pivot, Test, Rinse and Repeat: how Babbel Reacts to a Crisis

We spoke to Babbel for our latest SCALEup webinar

Pivot, Test, Rinse and Repeat: how Babbel Reacts to a Crisis

“My biggest learning: unpredictable events will shape our world. Be ready to pivot, test, rinse and repeat.”

Marketers need to be nimble and agile — especially in a world where the game is constantly changing. This was one of the major messages that came through in our latest SCALEup webinar, where Deepa Miglani, VP Marketing of Babbel, spoke to Ulrike Tusk, Global Expert Offline at DCMN.

As always, it was 30 minutes packed with juicy marketing tips and insights, plus a lively Q&A session that covered everything from digital audio to Deepa’s favourite German word. Spoiler alert: it’s genau. That wasn’t all: it marked a great reunion for Ulrike and Deepa, as Ulrike used to work in marketing at Babbel before she joined DCMN.

What else did we learn? We spoke about the future of AI and its impact on language learning, plus we found out some interesting titbits on the geographical hotspots for online language learning. Think the Americans and the Brits don’t like learning languages? You’re wrong! In fact, Deepa has been pleasantly surprised by the uptake of Babbel in the countries where the lingua franca is English.

That’s just some quick teasers. If you want to dive deeper into the marketing strategy of one of the world’s leading language learning brands, there’s only one way to go — and that’s to watch the webinar. Enjoy and see you next time!

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