In the mobile games industry, the focus has long been on performance-driven user acquisition. But what if there’s the space for some brandformance in there, too? Rather than mainly focusing on cheap CPIs (cost per install), it’s time for mobile games publishers to focus on investing in brand marketing concurrently – and build up an emotional connection to their users that will last longer than their current LTV (lifetime value). We’re talking the years, and decades, ahead.

This topic was the basis of our fireside chat at the White Nights conference – who have shifted their conferences online for the time being, with a particularly impressive digital newsroom and the ever charismatic Egor Ershov as anchor. And who better to talk to than the team from Berlin-based mobile games publisher Wooga? Especially after the scale they’ve managed to pull off in the US and Canada this year! This time around, DCMN marketing consultant Eric Vissers spoke to Valentine Ledour, their Marketing Lead for games including June’s Journey, about how Wooga’s approach differs from the norm: theirs is a more holistic approach that embraces both traditional media advertising and performance marketing.

“June’s Journey, the game that I am marketing, was already in growth but we managed to grow the DAU by 25% from January to May. Which is insane!,” Valentine Ledour

Particularly focused on the game June’s Journey, get ready to find out about how DCMN helped change their opinion of TV marketing, from something they saw as impossible to track to a measurable and highly successful channel. Find out how brandformance and TV was especially effective in helping Wooga reach their target group of women over 45 years old, and how their active community reacted to the premiere of the DCMN-produced TVCs. There’s even one story about a particularly excited grandma and a lake!

The moral of the story? UA and online ain’t everything, kids! 

**The video showcases the entirety of the day’s programming. If you just wanna fast forward to us, Eric and Valentine’s magic begins at the 39 minute mark.

If you have questions regarding any of these topics – from TV marketing to scaling in new markets – feel free to reach out to Eric directly.