Connected TV in Focus: An Adjust and DCMN Collaboration

adjust and dcmn connected tv promo

Connected TV in Focus: An Adjust and DCMN Collaboration

TV is evolving and connected TV is taking the advertising world by storm. In the US alone, ad spend for connected TV in 2020 was $20 million, a huge 35% increase on the previous year. Furthermore, there are now more US households reachable via streaming devices (84 million) than traditional ones (78 million), a trend we’ve seen replicated in other markets, too. Savvy marketers are realising that connected TV can complement linear TV, boosting both reach and performance.

But even for traditional TV advertisers, connected TV is a whole new ballgame. That’s why, in collaboration with mobile measurement company Adjust, we’ve put together a tell-all guide for marketers looking to dive into this fast-growing channel.

In our guide to connected TV advertising, you’ll:

  • Learn the basics of CTV and find out how advertisers of all stripes can integrate this emerging channel into their marketing strategy.
  • Take a deep dive into the complex CTV ecosystem and the key terms to know, along with the devices and platforms that make up the world of connected TV.
  • Find out everything about the buying, targeting and measurement of CTV campaigns. Bonus: which pitfalls should you watch out for?
  • And learn how to get started with a sample CTV campaign setup!
Download the full report here.



Connected TV is one of the fastest growing marketing channels and a great addition to your linear TV strategy.


Connected TV has a realm of targeting possibilities. Whether it’s contextual targeting, using your own CRM data or cross-device targeting, there are many ways to ensure your ad is reaching the right audience. 


When it comes to measurement and optimisation, connected TV can shake it with digital. There are three main methods to consider: the DSP, third-party ad servers and analytics platforms.  

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