Connected TV: The Ultimate How-To Guide with Adjust

Connected TV: The Ultimate How-To Guide with Adjust

The way we watch TV has changed — and your marketing strategy has to change along with it. With the advent of smart TVs and OTT, connected TV has been bridging the gap for traditional TV advertisers. It’s a highly engaging marketing channel that’s firmly on the up and it’s the perfect complement to your linear TV strategy, helping you to boost both reach and performance. 

But even if you are familiar with linear TV advertising, connected TV is a whole new ballgame. That’s why, together with our partners at the mobile attribution company Adjust, we’ve put together a doesn’t-miss-a-beat guide to this fast growing channel. The guide covers the whole process from start to finish — setting you up for a stronger than ever TV game plan.

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What you'll learn


How the CTV ecosystem stacks up.


How to setup a CTV campaign.


What formats you can utilise in your campaigns.


How to measure and attribute.

CTV is a new frontier for many of us. Download this guide to find out everything you need to know from the setup to the attribution and measurement possibilities. That’s not all: we’ve also rounded up the potential pitfalls you can face with this fast-rising channel. Enjoy!

Forward thinking advertisers have started testing connected TV as a means to reach their users, either alongside an existing linear TV strategy or as a standalone channel.

What's inside

  1. The CTV ecosystem explained
  2. How to buy CTV
  3. What ad formats are on offer? 
  4. Pinpoint your audience: CTV targeting options
  5. How to measure and attribute your campaigns
  6. Watch out: the pitfalls to watch out for
  7. A sample CTV campaign setup

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