It’s no secret that DCMN has grown very quickly over the past couple of years. We were 80 employees in 2016, and today, we are more than 200, spread out in offices stretching from our hometown of Berlin to our newest hub in Cape Town, South Africa. We are a diverse and international team of people from nearly 40 different cultures. Our company culture is hardworking but fun, innovative but a little offbeat. These people and this uniquely DCMN culture are the driving force behind our growth.

To give you a deeper look into the lives of the people who make up DCMN, we’ve launched an Employee Highlight series. Every few weeks we’ll bring you a Q&A with a different person from our team.

Our next Employee Highlight features an interview with Anne Gabsch, DCMN’s head of online marketing. She joined the company in September 2012 and has seen DCMN through a lot of change. Find out more about what she’s doing these days below.

What is your role at DCMN?

After five and a half years ramping up the digital department at DCMN and managing tons of digital campaigns, I spent six months with the knowledge coach team (former team leads for internal disciplines). Now, I am back on the client-focused side of the DCMN business, which we call the value creator side. I’m putting all of my effort into setting up a new client team – Team 5. In this new client team, we want to do something different. We don’t want to focus on the more traditional department roles anymore and we want to be radically transparent in everything we do – including feedback and salary discussions. I strongly believe that we have to take this next step as a team to make DCMN’s beta structure work even better for us.

What do you like most about DCMN?

You can have a lot of fun at work if you want, and everyone listens to you if you have something to share. Also, DCMN is always trying new ways of doing things. It can sometimes be hard to follow all of the updates, but as with anything, there’s always some room for improvement.

Anne and the rest of the DCMN team at the 2016 company retreat in Marrakech

What are two random facts about you?

Since I was 3 years-old, I have been trying to earn a “Yes-I-Can-Build-A-Pool-Certificate” – this is still a work in progress. I’m also really scared of ladybirds, I hate them even more than spiders

What book did you read last?

Reading? We are in 2018. We consume content via moving images today. Also, the last book I read wasn`t really very exciting. I do recommend watching a few hours of my favourite Twitch streamers every week:

WhiteyDude (

Milschbaum (

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

In a country where it is always warm, and of course, not in a big city. Instead, I would prefer a house on the countryside with a big garden to plant all the stuff I need.

What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?

As a child, I always wanted to be a hairdresser. Just don’t talk to my old Barbie dolls about that – they all ended up like Britney Spears in February 2007.