Blockchain may well be 2017’s buzzword of the year. Throughout the year, we’ve seen cryptocurrency prices as well as the number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) peak daily. Blockchain offers a lot of promise to industries, like advertising, which require trust between multiple parties with conflicting interests, and it has the potential to disrupt such domains. Current blockchain-based initiatives in the advertising industry have taken on the challenge of solving the big issues facing digital advertising, including a lack of transparency, too many intermediaries and fraud.

At DCMN, we’ve worked hard to ensure that all aspects of our service offerings are measurable and completely transparent, which is why we are very excited to be a strategic OnXCHNG partner with Kochava. XCHNG aims to be an open blockchain network for the advertising industry to:

  • Facilitate the workflow of buying and selling ads through a smart contract IO (insertion order)
  • Enable the related matching and activation of audiences
  • Bolster ad spend efficiency and security
  • Adopt a next-generation advertising system of record for all ecosystem participants
  • Tokenize the framework to treat digital ads as a true asset class

At the core of XCHNG lies the automation of the IO creation process, as well as the delivery of the advertisement, measurement and settlement. This framework will help to further unlock the data currently hidden in fragmented silos. It also aims to create an open, end-to-end blockchain based network.

As a team, we’ve always prioritized providing the best ROI to digital brands, using growth solutions based on technology and data. We believe XCHNG can bring transparency, efficiency and trust to our clients in the current digital media buying ecosystem, which needs a radical solution to fix the major issues the industry faces. DCMN clients are currently able to use the Kochava Collective to efficiently target audiences in real-time at scale. With XCHNG, they will have access to greater transparency across non-fraudulent publishers.

DCMN is excited to be an early participant in the blockchain enabled ad ecosystem as well as to further our relationship with Kochava. With our years of experience in buying digital as well as offline media, we believe we can bring the associated benefits of blockchain to our advertisers in markets around the world. We look forward to working with Kochava to shape the most ambitious blockchain application in ad tech today.