Did you know that 90% of all tax regulations in the world come from Germany? No wonder the German government earns more than €500 million each year just because people don’t declare their taxes. That’s insane!

But that’s also why we are super happy to welcome smartsteuer as a new client. The talented guys from smartsteuer help people to do their tax declaration easily, quickly and all online. The goal for our first smartsteuer campaign, which started in Germany this week and will run over the next few months, is to debunk the myth that creating your tax declaration is difficult and takes ages.

Björn Waide, founder and CEO of smartsteuer, explains the story behind the campaign. “We spent a lot of time developing smartsteuer in the past years. With our easy-to-handle online tool, people can get back €1069 on average from the government without stress,” he says.

“The campaign tackles the challenge of clearly pointing this out, as well as raising the brand awareness in general.”

We’re proud to be responsible for the media planning of the smartsteuer campaign and to help spread the word about this brilliant solution that makes so many lives easier. Yesterday, we launched the cross-media campaign that will run on TV as well as several digital channels. You can watch all the TV spots this playlist over on YouTube.

“We are totally convinced of smartsteuer and are happy to help another startup grow,” says Matthias Riedl, DCMN’s co-founder and chief growth officer.

“For this campaign, we will not only consult smartsteuer and take care of the media planning but also analyse market insights. This way we will be able to optimise the campaign based on the brand awareness. To optimize the ROI, we will use our very own TV attribution tool DC Analytics.”

Questions about how cross-media campaigns work at DCMN? Get in touch with us via hello@dcmn.com.