DCMN supports global climate strike with media campaign

Under the #FridaysForFuture (FFF) banner, students around the globe have been protesting for effective measures to limit global warming and prevent a climate crisis for over a year now. It has grown into a worldwide movement and spawned a support network of NGOs and other ForFuture groups.

There is hope! Be part of it. Join one of the protests near you. See you on September 20! #KlimaStreik #AlleFürsKlima

On September 20, FFF and its network of supporters are calling on everyone to take to the streets and peacefully protest for climate-friendly changes in politics and society. The goal is to collectively increase the pressure on decision makers in politics and economy to quickly implement adequate measures necessary to counter the current climate emergency and prevent a global climate collapse.

To increase participation in the September 20 strike among adults all over Germany, Together For Future (TFF) and DCMN have launched a highly targeted media campaign. TFF is a newly registered association working in the environmental sector supporting the goals of FFF. The media campaign consists of several TV spots as well as strong presence on digital & social media channels such as YouTube. TFF provided creative assets, while DCMN polished them and was responsible for the planning and execution of online & offline media. DCMN does not bill TFF for this service.

DCMN was able to win the support of some notable media partners to sponsor free performance media. Digital media partners include BurdaForward, Taboola, VICE, LINKLIKE and Ablida – and DCMN is equally grateful for the support by TV partners such as IP (RTL, VOX & SuperRTL), Motorvision, Servus TV, Sport1, Visoon and Tele5.

The TV commercials are targeted at German adults – persuading them to join one of the 370+ demonstrations (and counting) across the country. The series of ads depict several scenarios in which people interrupt supposedly important activities in life – such as a wedding or a visit to the hairdresser – to attend the climate strike, because there is nothing more urgent at this time (German: “Es gibt jetzt nichts wichtigeres!”).

“The most valuable currency of our movement is the volume and punch with which we shake those in charge out of their ignorant but fatal hibernation. And time is running out. To maximise impact we need to mobilise everyone, and to maximise mobilisation we need to work with the best in the field of media. We are grateful that DCMN proactively support us with their extensive expertise and their partner network to spread the call to join the global climate strike on Sep 20.”


—Chris Schaumann, activist at Fridays for Future & Together For Future, former Global VP Digital Nokia & Microsoft

“We’re thrilled to support the ForFuture movement and their global climate strike with our creative resources, our media expertise as well as our partner network. We are humbled to be able to make a small contribution to such a large cause this way. And of course this would not have been possible without the generous support from our media partners.

The video ads effectively target adult audiences across Germany to mobilise them to focus on what’s really important – a livable planet for them and their children – and join the demonstrations on September 20.”


—Clarize Marais, Marketing Expert at DCMN


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