Become a Beta Tester and get a FREE mobile campaign!

We’re now moving into the closed beta phase for our new mobile attribution technology. Our platform measures the performance of your mobile marketing campaigns in real-time, helping you invest your marketing budgets on only the highest-performing sources. And we want you to take it for a test drive!

Join now and get a FREE mobile campaign to help you promote your new app. Our requirements for taking part in the beta tester program:

  • You have a B2C app
  • The app has a free or freemium business model
  • Your app is stable and has some organic installs
  • iOS and Android apps can both apply and
  • If you’re a Unity developer, we’ll even double the budget of the campaign to promote both your Android and iOS versions!

Testers will need to register their app on the DCMN platform, then download and integrate the SDK before distributing it on app stores and starting the campaign. You agree to provide feedback to the DCMN team and may be listed as a reference customer.

So what sets DCMN’s mobile product apart?

  • Real-time analytics: All metrics are shown in real-time so you get instant updates on your mobile campaign. This means you can take immediate
    action as the insights roll in, concentrating your budgets on best-performing partners.
  • Flexibility: The tool lets you tweak many features like variable attribution, customized time zones, custom identifiers and more to better fit your use case. Our tool is the only one in the industry to capture insights at both the city and referrer level.
  • Fraud prevention: We provide unique insights that enable app marketers to spot fraudulent activities fast. To do this, the platform detects unusually high uninstalls and traffic from irrelevant referrers.
  • Free of cost: Why? Because we’re tired of bad mobile traffic! We want to drive greater transparency and better practices in the mobile marketing business.
  • We will never sell your data. Unlike other free offerings from our competitors, we don’t require you to transfer ownership of your data to us.

To get involved, visit our landing page or send an email to

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