Grow with DCMN: How They Changed Their Careers, Not Their Company

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Grow with DCMN: How They Changed Their Careers, Not Their Company

If you could be anything you wanted to be, what would it be? When we ask ourselves this question, often the answer is, unfortunately, not our current job. But what if your employer allowed you the freedom to choose and even accelerated this career change? At DCMN, this path is not so uncommon, so we decided to speak to three people who did exactly that. Instead of job-hopping, with open communication and a little help from their new teams, they switched career paths internally to find a better fit for them within the company. Here’s how they did it:

From insights to strategic oversight

Anja Kettern_DCMN Portrait_RGB

Anja Kettern, Director Client Operations

How long have you worked at DCMN and what was your first role? 

4 years, exactly! I started working at DCMN in September 2017 and I focused on setting up the insights team and capabilities. 

From insights to client operations, could you tell us a bit about how your role has changed in the last four years? 

After working in market research for over ten years, I went from an insights expert to a  generalist, as this allows me to deal with a number of different topics and challenges. My current role gives me a holistic perspective of who we are, what we do and how we’d like to grow. 

My current role as the Director of Client Operations mainly relies on working with the different client-facing teams in Berlin and our international offices, including Insights, Creation and production, and Brand Strategy. A big part of the role is working with different client-facing team leads on a strategic level – help them make the right strategic choices that help them and our organisation grow in a sound manner. My team is the helping hand as well as the sparring partner for any challenges or issues that might come their way. 

How did DCMN and your teammates help you adapt? 

It was really easy and a big part of making this transition seamless was DCMN and the trust they had in me. Many companies don’t let you switch so easily, the common notion is you continue to grow in what you know. Employers often fail to recognise the soft skills that one might have learned along the way or encourage them to build these skills further. If I had to apply for a similar role at another company with my market research background, I would have to start afresh. 

After speaking with DCMN’s key internal stakeholders and of course my old team, I decided that the client operations role was the perfect next step for me. This would not only allow me to apply the skills which I already had, but also allow me to explore strategic topics.  

What’s the best part about your current role? 

The feeling that I can make an impact on a company level, and help people grow. My work revolves around interacting with different teams, working with them on various topics but keeping it all coherent with our company’s strategic direction. There are so many different projects that I’m a part of and this makes sure the learning doesn’t stop. There’s something new to learn from each person that I work with. 

And if you could describe your growth journey at DCMN…

It would be like climbing up to a mountain peak with two paths: one is a paved, easy route but the view is okay, and the other one is a bit more challenging but the view along the journey is going to be spectacular. With DCMN as a companion, it became much easier to walk on the second path. 

From office guru to number cruncher… in 15 minutes!

DCMN portrait of Mukaddes Toker Mukaddes Toker, Junior Accountant, DCMN

How long have you worked at DCMN and what was your first role? 

This October, it’ll be three years. In 2018, I joined DCMN’s office management team and I couldn’t have asked for a better start. As the office manager, no two days were alike! I could speak to most employees, address their needs and ensure the journey was smooth sailing, whether it’s creating a good working space or managing fun (but a lot of work!) office events. 

When motivated you to switch careers?

Less than a year in, I realised that while I loved DCMN and its people, I had outgrown my love for office management. So I called the People team and addressed this openly. They reviewed my profile and voila! In 15 minutes, I got a callback. The Finance team wanted me to join and while I had prior experience with managing finances for events, this was a whole new ballgame. At work, I like being hands-on and always on the lookout for new challenges, so I figured, why not? 

Was finance always on the cards?

No! I’d never worked in pure finance-focused roles but having worked as a project manager, assistant and office manager – there were some finance-related tasks that I had experience with. However, they weren’t my main responsibilities. 

So, what changed, and how did your team help? 

Let’s just put it this way, DCMN’s core value ‘numbers prove excellence’ really struck a chord. As a part of the office management team, I’d work on invoices with the Finance team and this helped in establishing a good rapport beforehand. So when it was time to join their team, they understood that I didn’t have the educational background in finance but was willing to learn. A tip while switching career paths? Always ask, before you assume. But the support from my team is what helped me shine in finance. They are the ones who made the switch seamless, always answered my questions patiently and filled in any knowledge gaps. 

What is the best part about your current role? 

Two years on, my responsibilities have grown rapidly, and currently, I manage the financial aspects of client work along with invoices. There’s so much I’ve learned along the way and truly enjoy working with my team every day. From adapting to remote work to meeting deadlines to cheering on results, we make it happen. 

And if you could describe your growth journey at DCMN…

My growth journey at DCMN has been super rewarding, and finance is anything but boring! My friends and family still can’t believe the kid who hated math now works in finance and loves it. 

From offline marketing to tech 

portrait of viktorZ

Viktor Zöld, Software Product Owner, DCMN

When did you join DCMN and in which team? 

I started working at DCMN four years ago as an offline marketing trainee, and then worked my way up to become an offline marketing manager. Our team was responsible for scaling global digital brands with TV, radio and OOH campaigns.

Sounds interesting! And what was your motivation for moving into the tech team? 

When I was working with the offline marketing team, I noticed that we were doing a lot of tasks manually and if we could automate some of these tasks, it would give us room to focus on our strategic responsibilities. This pain point actually motivated me to learn more about automation and how with the right tools, teams could avoid repetitive tasks and work more efficiently. This pushed me to look for ways to step up our daily tasks, and I got in touch with a product owner from the tech team, addressed the issue – and the rest has been quite an adventure. 

What were some challenges you faced, as a non-techie entering the world of tech? 

Back then I had no idea about how detail-oriented tech really is and since crossing paths, I have a newfound appreciation for this precise and analytical approach to every task I do. 

What do you do at DCMN currently? 

As a product owner at DCMN, my role is focused on the value our software like our TV tracking technology DC Analytics brings to the company and clients. Basically, it means that I identify and prioritise the needs of our users and stakeholders. Then with our designers and developers, we translate these needs into features. 

What do you love about your current role? 

I love that no two days are the same in tech, contrary to popular misconception. Every day there’s a new issue to fix or a new feature to add, and nothing can be left unsolved. The best part is working with really smart people and unsung heroes: our developers. I still find it fascinating how they think of every possibility when coding and nothing is left to guesswork. Each task that I’ve done with the team has a purpose and value – how cool is that? I might even give coding a try, never say never. 

And if you could describe your growth journey at DCMN…

It has been intense to say the least. In the last four years, I’ve been challenged but never overburdened. I’ve been given the freedom to work on my own but backed with great feedback, and my work and my ideas are appreciated by the different teams. But the best part about DCMN? It’s the people. They’ve always encouraged me to try new things, and as one of my ex-mentors (who pushed me to take the risk and switch career paths) once said: “When in doubt, ask for forgiveness rather than for permission”. I’d prefer to have tried and failed in the right direction than having stayed still! 

Looking for a new challenge? Head over to our careers page for exciting opportunities.

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