Next Tuesday, we’re opening the doors of our Berlin HQ to explore a largely untouched topic in the marketing world: programmatic radio.

It’s the first session of our all-new event series called DCMN Open Nights. After months of planning, we’re really excited to see this project come to fruition!

So why are we doing this? We want to explore the issues that are most important for marketers and others working in the digital scene. We want to shine a light on the future of the industry, as well as the current state of affairs. Programmatic – the automation of marketing – is just the tip of the iceberg.

We also want to help you to continue to develop in a professional sense – to continuing growing and learning as the industry itself undergoes a lot of changes. Because we know how important it is to never stop learning, no matter what level you’re at in your career.

On Tuesday, you’ll hear about how radio is adapting and evolving to stay relevant in the digital era. As automation sweeps through the marketing industry, programmatic radio is the next frontier for media buyers and marketers alike. You’ll hear from:

  • Martin Koch and Natalie Moll of Spotcom, who will discuss programmatic audio and provide data-driven strategies for performance-driven digital brands working in this space
  • Jan Poelmann from Adremes about how digital brands can reach their audience with programmatic strategies on VHF
  • DCMN’s own Director of Offline Marketing, Sebastian Göritz, who explains how digital brands can measure the success of radio campaigns

The event is free and includes networking, pizza and drinks. Make sure you sign up over on our DCMN Open Nights Meet-Up page.

Stay tuned (get it?) for more news about upcoming Open Nights and don’t forget to check out our annual growth marketing conference SCALE17.