SCALE17 will feature some of the most innovative marketing minds on stage – including a hand-picked selection of fast-growing companies in adtech, analytics and more.

Don’t miss the latest addition to our program, the Tech Lounge, where you can hear from the companies that are making waves in TV-digital convergence, CRM automation, AI-driven design and many more exciting topics. And get your tickets soon – SCALE17 is now less than one week away!

Hyperlocal cross-device advertising – is an industry leader in cross-device tech. Hear from Carsten Frien, Co-Founder & CEO, about how multi-touch attribution and cross-device technology are defining the future of advertising.

TV is great, but TV + digital is better – Realytics

A leader in digital-TV convergence, Paris-based Realytics allows advertisers to measure the impact of TV ad campaigns via their digital environment. Learn how to boost the efficiency of TV-web campaigns with their co-founder and CEO, Guillaume Belmas.

CRM automation – CrossEngage & HelloFresh

CrossEngage provides a cloud-based solution for cross-channel marketing orchestration. For this joint talk, join Manuel Hinz, Co-Founder of CrossEngage, and Florian Bonnet, Head of CRM at HelloFresh, to learn about the journey from multi-channel to omnichannel marketing.

Data-driven creation process – StoYo Media

Making branded social media videos go viral is StoYo Media’s speciality. Hear from StoYo’s Co-Founder and Director of Platforms and Partnerships, Markus Mohr, on how to create high-performing video content.

Data-driven design – EyeQuant

EyeQuant uses machine learning to help UX, CRO and marketing teams make faster and better design decisions. Kurtis Morrison, VP of Client Services at EyeQuant, shares lessons from applying machine learning to user research, based on the company’s recent AI-led study of the most effective website designs.

Scale your analytics… before you scale your business –

Hans Ritschl, co-founder of state-of-the-art analytics company, joins the conference to talk about the importance of scaling your business intelligence from the very beginning.

Preventing ad fraud – Meetrics

Meetrics provides real-time data on all delivery channels, covering viewability, ad fraud, brand safety and audience matching. Hear from Director of Strategic Partnerships, Henning Strohschnieder, on one of the industry’s most pressing topics as he reveals best practices and technical challenges for dealing with ad fraud.

Tap into other apps’ audiences – 42matters

Headquartered in Zurich, 42matters is a high-tech company and pioneer in mobile app marketing. Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Bo Wang joins SCALE17 to reveal a fresh approach to mobile targeting.

Know your audience – Talon.One

Sebastian Haas is the Co-Founder and COO of promotion engine Talon.One, a solution for creating and managing all types of discount, coupon, loyalty and referral campaigns. Head along to his talk to learn how to avoid overspending on audience re-engagement.

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