Welcome to summer 2020! You’ve never seen one quite like it before. Almost all plans cancelled, summer vacation transformed into a staycation, rules about how many we can meet at what distance are loosening but dynamically adapting.

For marketers, COVID-19 has left essential questions hanging in the air: What will this summer mean for media consumption? Will the TV resurgence of the lockdown period continue during summer? Will other ATL media channels like radio and out-of-home see a similar spike in use? With an eye on stricter budgets, is it possible to track these offline channels with performance in mind? But don’t despair! We have just the answers and solutions you need – because that’s what we do here at DCMN.

In thirty entertaining minutes, our OMR Digital Masterclass will show you how brands can adapt to win the media game in a COVID-19 summer. Our very own COO Hillevi Lausten and Eric Vissers, Senior Marketing Expert at DCMN, met between two ferns (i.e. random office plants) – and cozy-healthy 1.5m between each other – at our Berlin office to record their session and share their expertise. You’ll learn what media opportunities are coming up for marketers this very unusual season, explore how brands can best prepare for what lies ahead, and get a glimpse of solutions for tracking & optimising your offline channels. Our two marketing veterans will show how with some data science magic you can measure everything – including ATL! As a bonus, you’ll learn that during lockdown Hillevi has learned how to get the paint off of a boat and that Eric took a deep-dive into salsa making. Enjoy!

If you have questions regarding how brands adapt in COVID-19 – from changing brand & consumer needs during COVID-19 all the way to running & tracking ATL campaigns – feel free to reach out to Eric directly.