Empowering the Future: Prepaid Cards and Apps for Kids

The concept of prepaid cards and apps for kids originated from the need to teach financial literacy in a digital age. As cash becomes less prevalent, parents sought alternatives to impart money management skills to their children. Prepaid cards and apps emerged as a user-friendly solution, allowing parents to monitor and control their kids’ spending, while offering a hands-on learning experience.

Market Growth

The Fintech market for kids and youth has witnessed rapid growth in recent years. This has been driven by parents and educators seeking to teach young people about financial literacy at an early age. According to a recent study by Data Bridge, the European fintech market for kids and youth is expected to reach USD 15,66 billion by 2027 with a growth rate of 15.7% year over year. There are a number of reasons for this growth:

  1. Parents are increasingly concerned about their children’s financial well-being in an increasingly digital world.
  2. Schools are incorporating financial education into their curriculums, which is creating a demand for age-appropriate financial products and services.
  3. Fintech companies are developing innovative products and services that are specifically tailored for kids and youth.

Key Trends in Fintech for Kids

But how do you create a product that meets the needs of both kids and their parents? There are multiple trends that can be observed in the Fintech for kids industry:

  • Mobile-first approach: Most Fintech products and services for kids and youth are available through mobile apps. This is because children are increasingly using mobile devices to access the internet and apps are a convenient and engaging way to learn about finance.
  • Gamification: Many Fintech companies are using gamification to make learning about finance more fun and engaging for kids and youth. This can involve using points, badges, and rewards to motivate children to learn and practice financial skills.
  • Parental controls: Parents are concerned about their children’s safety online, and they want to be able to control their children’s spending. Most Fintech products and services for kids and youth have parental controls that allow parents to set spending limits, track their children’s transactions, and block certain types of purchases.

Key Players in the Youth Fintech Market in Europe

  1. Bling has emerged as a leading player in the youth Fintech market, providing parents and children with a seamless and secure platform for financial transactions. Based in Germany, with features like real-time monitoring and educational tools, Bling is at the forefront of shaping the financial habits of the next generation.
  2. goHenrys innovative approach combines a prepaid debit card with a comprehensive app, empowering parents to set spending limits and track their children’s expenses. The UK-based platform focuses not only on financial transactions, but also on imparting valuable money management skills through interactive features.
  3. Pixpay caters to the digital-native generation by offering a sleek and intuitive interface. This French-based Fintech company provides parents with the tools to teach responsible spending while granting kids a sense of financial independence. Pixpay’s success highlights the demand for user-friendly financial solutions for young consumers.
  4. Rooster Money stands out for its emphasis on gamifying financial education. Through its app, the UK-based brand enables children to set savings goals, track allowances, and learn about budgeting in an engaging way. Rooster Money’s commitment to making finance fun has contributed to its popularity among families seeking an interactive financial learning experience.
  5. Osper caters to the younger demographic by combining a prepaid debit card with educational tools. This UK-based company focuses on providing a safe and controlled environment for kids to learn about money. Osper’s commitment to financial education has positioned it as a key player in the youth Fintech market.

While many Fintech for kids brands in our list are based in the UK, they are available in Europe and gaining popularity. The list provided above is not exclusive and is based on DCMN’s observation of the market.


The rise of prepaid cards and apps for kids reflects a broader societal shift towards embracing technology for financial education. As these Fintech solutions continue to evolve, they play a pivotal role in shaping the financial habits of the next generation. They empower them with the skills needed to navigate the increasingly digital world of finance.

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