Stages of Growth: A Guide for Digital Brands of All Sizes

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Stages of Growth: A Guide for Digital Brands of All Sizes

Navigating the startup lifecycle can be an unpredictable affair, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing the stages of growth can help you to apply structure to your trajectory and make strategic decisions about what to focus on. Whether you’re bootstrapped or funded to the nines, our guide shows you how to go from establishment to domination in five stages.

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What you'll learn


How startups can grow from a single employee to a global company.


How to optimise customer expansion and retention.


How your brand needs to develop at each stage of the trajectory


Plus how your media strategy should stack up at each stage.

Find out which stage your startup is at and how to evolve your strategy to match. This guide looks at everything from brand and communications to customer expansion and retention, providing you with the means to effectively structure your growth trajectory.

There have been many theories about how many stages of growth there are some have dialed it down to just three stages, or even included a stage for decline but we’ve settled on five which we believe truly encompass the lifespan and strategic challenges of any successful startup.

What's inside

  1. Establish: how to get your startup off the ground
  2. Survive: refine who you are and thrive
  3. Maintain: build on success & secure consistency
  4. Expand: identify new opportunities & market leadership
  5. Dominate: rule them all!

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