The best DCMN ad campaigns of the past year

Ads have to do a million jobs at once: Increase visibility, generate conversions, establish a brand identity, crack jokes while being trustworthy, be concise yet explanatory, be entertaining but also informative, add value without deceiving. Researchers, brand strategists, advertisers and marketers really have a lot to do. Thankfully, our in-house Creation & Production team (C&P) has a keen eye for taking tough briefs and putting them into snazzy ad campaigns. Across all platforms. Around the world. For all audiences. 

The past year was a big one in DCMN adland. It was one that saw our Creation & Production department, working together with a number of our other departments, flex their creativity and strategic nous in many ways. Spanning a number of verticals – from fintech to travel, beauty and even a DNA finder! – our ad campaigns from the past 12 months were quite the wild ride (and an effective one at that, according to our clients). Get strapped in: Here are our most memorable ad campaigns picked by our proud C&P team themselves.

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Imagine if you could be transported through your entire family history – in just 30 seconds.

In our TVC for AncestryDNA, a cutting-edge DNA testing service based in Utah, we took the audience through centuries of history, but with a personal touch. Using old documents and family photos as the building blocks, it’s revealed at the end that what you are viewing is a popup photobook. Entirely done with 3D animation inhouse.

If one of our ad campaigns had a personal impact on us – it was this one. After this TVC was done and dusted, our entire C&P team decided to find out about their new relatives all over the world.



It’s crazy how many things you might need your credit score for. The problem is that many people actually don’t know how to get hold of one. This is something our ClearScore TVC for the South African market tackles, explaining the who, what, where, why and how of credit score collection in a casual, non-intimidating and quick way.

Entering the South African market for the first time last year, it adds a humorous spin to something commonly seen as dry. Offering viewers the chance to download their credit score for free, ClearScore wanted two spots – one based in the office and one based at home. With characters stretching across the different ads – and planning to make a comeback in 2020 too! – our campaign with ClearScore showed the strength of character and humour that is necessary in bringing a new brand to market.

Pink Box

What’s a Pink Box? Germany recently found out – and it was us that helped spread the message.

Our TVC from 2019 nimbly explained what’s in the box. Using a lullaby – one we wrote ourselves and auditioned singers for – the pink-tinged and light-footed ad showed the audience a whole host of beauty products, from bath products to perfume.

This is the perfect example of what we term Brandformance™ at DCMN, establishing brand awareness, explaining the product and creating conversions all at the same time. Also worth noting: this campaign was the first for which we offered CPC TV. This is a DCMN service where the client pays per click, paying for the success of the campaign. No risk involved!


Finding a roommate is a fiendishly tricky business. That’s where Badi comes in, an AI-driven room rental platform based in sunny Barcelona. To mark their entrance into much less sunny Berlin, our home city, they wanted to make quite a show.

…and quite the show they made! With a 360° campaign incorporating OOH, social media and online ads, Badi made their entrance into the German capital! Utilising common word pairings known to Berliners – from Currywurst to the notorious clubs Berghain and KitKat – the campaign was highly localised and targeted towards its audience. Here in Berlin, those terms are ubiquitous. Those classic signifiers of Berlin life fit together perfectly – just like your new roommate on Badi will.

The best thing about the campaign? On our way to work, many of our team members bumped into the OOH ads in subway stations or on billboards. A proud moment, indeed!


Bright and zany: the GetYourGuide TVC for the Dutch market takes us on a jovial journey through the world of travel experiences. All via the lens of a Dutch family! Produced in a short timespan, the company asked for a performance TVC explaining strongly what they are all about, which is offering a whole host of different experiences for travellers, from tours to excursions to endless other things to do (in Berlin we even have a drag queen tour!).

The spot opens with the mother of the family riding in on a jetski, before the family enjoyed a whole host of other scenarios – including a wine and cheese tasting session. All done in a studio that was set up to hint at reality.

How do we know it was successful? “Get Your…” “Get Your…” “Get Your…”: With every single mention of the brand name, the audience becomes more aware of the GetYourGuide brand. It could have felt like too much repetition – but not when the situation of the family is regularly changed. One big tick for branding and performance!

Not everything was simulated though: the big slice of gouda cheese was devoured afterwards by a very happy cast and crew.

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