The Radio Star: A How-To Guide for Marketers

The Radio Star: A How-To Guide for Marketers

Any marketer that ignores radio is missing out. One of the oldest channels there is, radio is an affordable, easy-to-setup and regionally-focused alternative to TV. And the days of impossible attribution are long gone. There are now many ways to measure and track the success of your radio campaign. Download our ultimate guide to find out everything about the speakerbox, from the setup of your campaign to scaling it for the next time around.

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    What you'll learn


    How to know whether radio is right for your brand.


    How to set up your campaign, including timings, channels and target area.


    All you need to know about making the perfect creative.


    How to measure and track a previously untrackable channel.

    Radio marketing is a great option when you’re looking for a new channel to scale with. In fact, it has reach to rival the famously high-reach TV – plus a whole lot of other attributes to boot. We love its regionality, its affordability and the fact you can get a radio advert up in just a few days. And there’s the fact that digital radio is taking this seemingly old-school channel into the next century.  From measurement to creatives, our guide tells you everything you need to know about radio. Enjoy! 

    No other offline media gives you the possibility to book so spontaneously – in some cases you can book radio inventory up to just two days before airing.

    What's inside

    1. An intro to radio
    2. Getting started: what you need to know
    3. Setting up your campaign
    4. Performance creative for radio
    5. Measurement and attribution
    6. Test, learn, scale

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