Understanding Gamers: Media Consumption and Interests

The gaming industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity over the years, captivating millions of users worldwide. As gaming companies strive for effective ways to reach their target audience, it becomes crucial to better understand the habits and preferences of gamers. 

This article aims to shed light on the media consumption patterns, interests, and advertising receptiveness of this group. By uncovering key insights, we aim to assist gaming companies in creating powerful marketing strategies to connect with their audience and build strong brand relationships. For this purpose we looked into data collected through global research undertaken by YouGov.

Media Consumption Habits of Global Gamers

In today’s digital era, internet-based activities dominate the media landscape, and gaming plays a significant role in this paradigm shift. Among global consumers, the top weekly media activities include visiting websites (64%), using social media (57%), and watching content on video streaming services like Netflix (48%). Interestingly, approximately one-third of the global population (31%) engages in playing video games on a weekly basis, with gaming being a popular pastime that continues to have a strong foothold in the media mix. Regarding the devices used for gaming, smartphones take the lead (64%), followed by desktop/laptop computers (40%).


Source: YouGov, Gaming & Esports Report 2023

Demographics and Gaming

Gaming’s appeal extends beyond the traditional demographic stereotypes. While 34% of men game each week, women are not far behind at 28%. The rising accessibility of gaming via mobile devices and the availability of various gaming genres, such as puzzle and Role-playing games (RPGs), have fuelled the interest in gaming among women. 7 in 10 female gamers play video games on their smartphone.  Moreover, weekly gaming peaks among all global adults aged 18-24 (42%), with almost half of 18-24-year-old men being regular gamers.

Gaming and Social Connections

Gaming is no longer just about playing; it has become a social experience for many gamers. They interact with gaming communities, follow influencers, and share experiences, making social media a powerful platform for reaching them. The report shows that gamers are highly receptive to advertising on social media, with social media being the top ad platform to drive positive product perceptions, among global weekly gamers (31%). Brands that align themselves with gaming content and influencers can gain a deeper connection with this influential audience, fostering positive brand perceptions and driving engagement.

Social media is the top ad platform to drive positive product perceptions among gamers (31%).

Creating Meaningful Advertisements

One significant takeaway from the report is gamers’ receptiveness to advertising. 46% of them agree that advertisements help them decide what to buy. Gamers prefer innovative and entertaining ads that align with their interest. This is particularly true for those aged 18-34, among whom gaming is the most popular topic of interest. Additionally, 56% of gamers expect ads to entertain them. This presents an excellent opportunity for gaming companies to create meaningful ads that resonate with their target audience, effectively building brand loyalty and driving engagement.

56% of gamers expect ads to be inspiring and entertaining.

Leveraging Synergies in the Media Mix

To maximise the impact of marketing efforts, gaming companies should explore synergies between gaming and other media. The best way to identify the right media and topics is through the gamers’ top interests and media consumption. The most popular topics that weekly gamers would click on if they popped up on their news include news (42%), food and drink (34%), music (33%), science (32%), travel and holidays (31%) and computers and technology (30%). 

48% of gamers watch live TV weekly.

When it comes to media types, weekly gamers have a high engagement and connection with live and non-live video content, streaming music and video, and social media (70%).  Moreover, traditional media consumptions also ranks high with 48% of gamers watch live TV weekly, while 48% read newspapers, books or magazines. Due to their high engagement with various media and diverse interests, gamers offer a significant opportunity for brands to engage with them across multiple channels, thus amplifying their engagement.

Media activities undertaken in a typical week by weekly gamers

Media Consumption

Source: YouGov, Gaming & Esports Report 2023


In the dynamic landscape of gaming, understanding the media consumption habits and interests of gamers is paramount for gaming companies. By leveraging this knowledge, they can create targeted and engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with their audience and establish a lasting connection. As the gaming industry continues to thrive, staying attuned to gamers’ needs will remain the key to success in this ever-evolving space.


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