Fiesta from the first sip: New TV campaign celebrates Vinos’ Spanish roots

Can you hear the sound of a fiesta and bull’s hooves in the distance heading for the party? DCMN has created a 20-second TV spot to celebrate Vinos, the largest online retailer of Spanish wines in Germany with a range of over 1800 wines. The campaign, launched in Germany on June 1, consists of a spot with the claim “Get the best of Spain” and is promoting a special Vinos Fiest Package, in which you can find six exclusive Spanish wines and two high-quality wine glasses and save 48% on the entire deal.

“Vinos has been Germany’s expert on Spanish wines for over 20 years and we made it our mission to give people easy access to Spanish lifestyle with our wide variety of high-quality wines. It was very important to us to highlight the Spanish authenticity that comes with our brand and we think the spot portrays it very well with a winking eye.”

—Kateryna Kozyrkova, Head of Performance Marketing at Vinos

“Vinos is sending Spain right to you. Sometimes the best spots are developed when taking a thought quite literally.”

—Lennart Frank, Creative Director at DCMN.

In the spot we can see a party of eight friends, uncorking a bottle of Spanish wine to celebrate together. They can feel the Spanish sensation even before they take the first sip, when a surprise guest arrives to later join the party.

“We have really enjoyed adding a short, humorous scene after the call-to-action. It’s a cherry on top of this ad’s storytelling and brings in a real Spanish vibe into the creative.”

—Mark Heutink, Motion Designer at DCMN

The unique illustration style of the TV spot comes from Bitteschö, animation, illustration and storytelling studio, that DCMN have successfully cooperated with in the past (like in the case of World Food Programme’s ShareTheMeal campaign in 2018).

Full credits:
  • Motion Design: Mark Heutink
  • Creative Director: Lennart Frank
  • Art Director: Vishal Shah
  • Copywriter: Dimitar Gerganov
  • Producer: Birte Jacob/Thomas Siudmak
  • Account Manager: Edwin Tetteh
  • Production Company: DCMN
  • Illustration: Bitteschö
  • Sound Design: nine o’clock music

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