May contain caterpillars, dolphins and a trace of jaguar: The best DCMN TV campaigns of 2018

This year was highly successful and hella eventful for us at DCMN: We radically changed our company structure (no more bosses), grew to over 200 team members around the globe, opened an office in Amsterdam and ran tons of successful media campaigns for our clients. On top of all that we were able to channel the positive energy from the whirlwind of the past year into some creative, witty and animal-loving TV commercials. Want proof? Then sit back, grab some sweet popcorn, salty if you must, and enjoy the best TV commercials we created in 2018.

Selection and comments courtesy of our mighty talented creation and production team.

NordicTrack Sleep

Lennart Frank, Creative Director: A NordicTrack Sleep mattress is the smarter way to track and improve your sleep. Besides being high quality and superbly comfortable, it records heart and breathing rate, monitors the quality of sleep and even provides sleeping advice based on the collected data. Instead you could, of course, just keep your ‘dumb’ mattress and hire a personal sleep tracker with a couple of pretty cool gadgets and some rather impressive techniques up his sleeve. After all, there is nothing weird about a guy lurking around your bedroom while you sleep, right? What could possibly go wrong? Well, everything! By showing all the mishaps and fails of the personal sleep tracker, we were able to display what the NordicTrack Sleep mattress is capable of. All the innovative tasks it reliably performs every night. With high precision. And without interrupting your sleep. Or being creepy.


Dimitar Gerganov, Copywriter: Pflanzwerk produces a wide range of high-quality fiber clay plant pots, suitable for any situation and for any plant. And since many plants are often found in typical social contexts, we decided to focus on the types of people that can use the product. Being visually executed by our talented motion designers, this film is an example of almost complete independence from external resources.


Mathias Vanthienen, Art Director: We love helping brands grow which, just like us, are challenging the market through innovation. ByHours is such a brand. With microstays they tackle a problem that has been unsolved so far: How do stressed, overworked or jetlagged travellers get a short break or a time-out to refresh and prepare for a meeting? Thanks to a power nap, a shower, and some relaxed down-time the worn-out creature transforms into an energetic and dynamic being. To illustrate the fundamental conversion made possible by microstays in hotels, we employed the biological metaphor of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. For the TV spot we simulated this miraculous transformation in a modern, creative and humoristic fashion that perfectly suits ByHours.


Thomas Siudmak, Producer: With four funny TV spots we helped posterXXL, Germany’s leading online retailer for photo products, to stand out in this highly competitive market. All versions of the spot illustrate the sheer joy one feels in unique moments – and in a creative way they each tie different photo products to the very personal experience of the protagonists. To that effect, they show how memories can literally turn into very sticky things, deep scratches shape the recollections of the last safari and how even severe pain cannot stop the caption of a genial moment.


Birte Jakob, Producer: ShareTheMeal is a Berlin-based donation app developed by the UN World Food Programme. We are happy that we were able to make a modest contribution to a hunger-free world with our creative resources as well as our digital and TV expertise. World hunger can sometimes seem like a distant and abstract problem. The campaign ties it back to relatable everyday scenarios – and it does so without any unnecessary pathos. We have successfully translated the fresh and optimistic language of ShareTheMeal into a remarkable and effective multi-channel commercial.

Dimitar Gerganov, Copywriter: With everyone can configure furniture that fits perfectly in their living space. After all, one doesn’t have to suffer from an obsessive-compulsive disorder to be bothered by makeshift solutions when things just don’t fit. To prove that, we created and shot home situations where people have tried to compensate for the unsuitable size of their furniture with rather absurd interventions.


Tung Nguyen, Art Director, and Mark Heutink, Motion Designer: eToro is a very convenient trading platform. It allows people, normal people like you and I, who do not have a lot of experience with trading, to trade professionally online. This is made easy by being able to copy the trading portfolio from professionals. They call it CopyTrading from Social Traders. Since eToro makes trading very simple for everyone, we wanted to translate that feeling of ease into the creative concept and visualisation of the TVC. So we literally stripped down all the stereotype of a trader to the point where only a ‘normal‘ person remains, who can be anyone, trading from anywhere. In the end, anyone can be a trader with eToro.

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